The College of Fashion Design
VOŠON - vstupte

Clothing Design  (field 82–41–N/08)

Secondary School of Fashion

SPŠO - vstupte

Clothing  (field 31–43–M/01)

Clothes Design and Model Making  (field 82–41–M/07)

Thematic content of study

  • Cut construction and modelling of clothes
  • Clothing drawing
  • Basics of clothing company management
  • Presentation of clothing production
  • Computer graphics and office software


During their four years of study, the students learn all basic clothing manufacturing techniques. They also study general subjects, economics, information technology, computer graphics and acquire practical skills during training in school workshops. In the course of study, they will also learn how to use special Lectra and Investronika software for clothes design and modelling.

Clothes Design and Model Making

During the four year course students participate in many creative activities both within internal projects (e.g. costumes for school theatre) or for the purposes of external competitions in the Czech Republic or abroad (JUNIOR STYL, Zlatá jehla, Doteky módy, FASHION GAMES). / Most of our school-leavers continue studying at the Fashion Design College or at a university, while others start up a clothing manufacture and sale business or take up a job as fashion stylists, clothing manufacture technologists, production or fashion house managers, etc.

Perspective of the graduates

Many of Secondary school graduates continue their education at college or university. They find profession opportunities such as designers of clothing studios, as qualified specialists of clothing companies, whether in manufacturing or trade, but also as individual entrepreneurs in the clothing sector and fashion.