The College of Fashion Design

VOŠON - vstupte

Clothing Design  (field 82–41–N/08)

Secondary School of Fashion
SPŠO - vstupte

Clothing  (field 31–43–M/01)

Clothes Design and Model Making  (field 82–41–M/07)

Thematic content of study

  • Fashion creations using the latest software
  • Design, modeling and arranging clothes
  • Figurative drawing and painting
  • Fashion trends and stylistics
  • Advertising creation and promotion
  • Clothing company management

Clothing Design

Completion of the three-year vocational course is confirmed with the award of a certificate. As the college is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, it holds a privileged position. / Emphasis is placed on developing the students' ability to make independent decisions, seek optimum options for the given assignment, work and communicate in a team, take active part in organising and managing public presentations, for example fashion shows, theatre performances or exhibitions. Professional artistic skills of the students are complemented with knowledge of presentation graphics and interior arranging. The main subjects are art, figural drawing, practical class, art history, clothing construction and manufacturing techniques, computer graphics, common art techniques. Students learn to use specialised software and they become proficient in the whole process of individual types of clothing manufacture from the design to the final product, taking into account fashion trends, the material used, technological possibilities, figure type, etc.

The annual school fee is CZK 5,000.


Perspective of the graduates

The graduates are well placed to possibly continue their education at some of the high schools. They find profession opportunities such as designers of clothing studios, as qualified specialists of clothing companies, whether in manufacturing or trade, but also as individual entrepreneurs in the clothing sector and fashion.