College of Fashion Design (VOSON) and Secondary Technical School of Fashion (SPSO)

The schools are focused on the design, creation and presentation of clothing and accessories. The secondary school ends with a graduation certificate and the technical college ends with a diploma.

Since our founding in 1956, we have developed a rich professional history and tradition and responded to the needs of the Czech fashion market. We have established our place within the EU through excellent cooperation with international institutions.

In our creative environment, students prepare to fulfill their professional goals in the industry, travel to international educational and fashion show opportunities, as well as to other venues to exhibit their work. Students also may serve internships in designers’ workshops or with clothing manufacturers.

Fashion Design 82-41-N/08

This is a three-year full-time program (requires a high school diploma), which culminates with an “absolutorium” (two weeks of exams and presentations of
collections and portfolios) ending with a certificate of completion.

Great emphasis is placed on the development of creative independence, encouraging our students to find their own best approach to given themes, as well as practicing team communication and cooperation. Our graduates are also exposed to marketing and promotional activities. Student work includes creation of made-to-measure garments, costume design and creation, fashion drawing and illustrations, and the business of fashion marketing.

Throughout their studies, our students are encouraged by their renowned fashion designer instructors to explore all aspects of the creative process and to discover their particular area of interest. Studies focus not only on the artistic facets of garments, but also on other areas of the fashion industry: personal styling, preparation of fashion shows, and accessories such as handbags, shoes, and hair ornaments. Students have access to specialized graphic and multimedia programs to produce materials needed for exhibits and PR for individual events, in addition to software for computer assisted design, technical drawings and pattern making.

Our students have opportunities to present their work at fashion shows and various competitions in both the Czech Republic and internationally (Milan, Cannes, Berlin, Florence, among others). While creating their collections, students are also given opportunities to work on specific projects with garment and textile producers. (Among others: Pietro Filipi, Houtny, Vavi, AleaSportswear, Preciosa Jablonec, Velveta, Mileta.)

Should our graduates wish to continue their studies, a bachelor degree may be attained through a one-year program at Solent University, in Southhampton (UK). Our school also has a Cooperation Agreement with Shangahi Jian Qiao University (China).